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Zero-trust Application Layer Encryption for Cloud

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Encryptonize® Architecture


Infrastructure service for unified application layer object encryption using zero-trust principles for fine-grained access and authorization available as Docker containers

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Use Cases

How and when to use Encryptonize®

Protect your native cloud service, IoT device and mobile application
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Encrypt your intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets inside the cloud-native or mobile app, such as trained AI algorithms or proprietary biometric authentication algorithms

IP Protection

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& Regulations

Encrypt data for compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and HIPAA while ensuring that encryption keys are not shared with your cloud provider

Compliance & Regulations

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Distribution Channel

Utilize fine-grained access control mechanism with OAuth 2.0 suport to deliver sensitive information to end users while using standard public cloud storage

Secure Distribution Channel

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Unified DevSecOps across multiple cloud environments lowers operational costs and decreases the risk of introducing errors in the integration layer

Multi-Cloud Harmonization

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Kubernetes Secrets Management

Deploy Encryptonize® to your Kubernetes clusters to enable easy distribution of shared credentials, API tokens, or other sensitive configuration items

Kubernetes Secrets Management

DevSecOps Features


KMS Consumes existing Key Management solutions such as on-prem HSM, Cloud HSM, other cloud KMS for backup and restoring of key material
FIPS AES-256 encryption according to FIPS 197 using GCM mode for authenticated encryption in compliance with NIST SP 800-38D
IAM Integration into Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Single Sign-On using OIDC and OAuth2
Docker Docker images based on Distroless provide a lean container image with a reduced attack surface
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gRPC Provides with a fast protocol on top of the HTTP/2 transport protocol which requires TLS for transport encryption and is easily integrated into most languages with automated client-generation
S3 API Utilizes existing S3 compatible cloud storage like AWS S3, Azure Blob storage, or GCP GS for back-end storage of encrypted objects. Objects are encrypted before transit to the storage
SIEM Logs are generated from the system for easy integration into existing SIEM solutions for monitoring and alerting in case of attempted intrusion or exploitation


Multi-cloud setups complicate encryption

According to a recent survey, 83% of organizations globally use more than 10 different cloud environments simultaneously. Distinct security architectures, even if solid and highly reliable on their own, inherently increase the attack surface.


Multi Cloud

Ensure privacy with Encryptonize®

Privacy is an ever increasing concern

There are many government privacy initiatives, e.g. the EU’s GDPR, Germany’s BDSG, and the California and New York data standards. Healthcare and the financial industry are subject to further regulatory scrutiny via acts such as PCI DSS or HIPAA HITECH.


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